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Movie cover for Future Tense
Stephen Klancher: September 19, 2017
Movie cover for The Ricklantis Mixup
Stephen Klancher: September 11, 2017
That was amazing.
Movie cover for Ball in Hand
Stephen Klancher: September 7, 2017
Movie cover for Golden Frog Time
Stephen Klancher: September 7, 2017
Movie cover for Cease Fire
Stephen Klancher: September 7, 2017
Movie cover for With or Without You
Stephen Klancher: September 6, 2017

Track as you watch

This site is a tool to track what you watch and is heavily centered around the Browser Extension that connects your viewing history to IMDb.

Site Updates

2016-04-30 [r313]

* Fixed first episode missing from series.

2016-03-28 [r311]

* Added most recent watched episode per user to list/series

2014-09-14 [r308]

* Timeline now accepts type parameter (0=movie, 2=episode, 3=game) and dayofweek parameter (1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday, ..., 7 = Saturday).

2014-06-15 [r306]

* Chrome extension updated to conform to current requirements and added to Chrome Store. Instead of modifying the current page, a page action now links to that media for IMDb and RottenTomatoes.

2013-12-08 [r303]

* Fixed parsing of individual seasons on IMDb. Series popular enough to have ratings can parse all episodes at once from the ratings page, but series without enough ratings must fall back to the individual season pages.

* Also started using PHP Tools for Visual Studio

2013-08-02 [r297]

* Rewrote the manner in which media information is gathered. Now different sources are handled in a standard way rather than in an ad-hoc mess of code. Freebase is now the primary data source, falling back on IMDb as needed.

* List auto update now supports Letterboxd.

2012-11-12 [r287]

* [] I've been tracking media for five years now... so I added an Overall page in the style of the Year Overview. And the Year Overview graphs now show a comparison to averages.

2012-06-16 [r281]

* Fixed series parsing

* Updated Netflix API to use their new url.

2012-06-11 [r280]

* Updated IMDb parsing to use OpenGraph data when possible. That data is less likely to change than other page data.

* Added links to kickasstorrents

* Finally implemented a custom errorhandler so page error logs are saved to DB.

* RottenTomatoes links should be determined more reliably.

2012-06-02 [r279]

* Quick fix to ignore cache when forcing a list update.